Appearances Matter

Go from Request to Results in 6 easy steps:

Let our experienced attorneys help you have a presence throughout the entire state of Tennessee


📆 Find a Court Date:

You can look through our schedule of appearances on our Calendar page, where you can seach either by Court or by Date. We generally appear in each court once every three months at this time, although larger Courts are seen more regularly. Have a look and see if our dates are convenient for you.

Search Calendar


✔ Make a Request:

Once you have found a convenient appearance, select the date to see the particular information for that appearance. From there, you can easily make a request to our office to confirm availability. You will immediately get a receipt email and should receive confirmation within one business day.


Set your cases:

After you have received confirmation from our office, make sure that you are using the proper warrant for your specific Court, then simply set your court date for the day you have confirmed with our office. Since you have confirmed the appearance with our office, we will notify you of any changes with the court date if any arise.


Send your docket:

At least two business days prior to our appearance on your behalf, please send us your finalized docket so our attorney can prepare for the court date. We do understand that sometimes the particulars of cases change between that time and the court date. You will be able to contact our office directly in that time period to notify us of the changes if necessary.


Day of Court:

On the day of court, your office does not need to take any active steps to make sure your docket is handled appropriately. However, our attorney will have your office's information should they need to contact you for settlement or payment arrangement approval.


Get Results:

After we have appeared for your firm, we will compile the results from court and email them to your office. We know that this is a time sensitive matter and usually you will see your results within two business days. At this time, an invoice will be sent to you for our sevices.

Appearing Attorneys

OfCounselTN only uses experienced collections attorneys to appear in court on your behalf. Below is a list of some of the seasoned attorneys we contract with.

Terry J. Canady, Esq.

Steven F. Glaser, Esq.

Arthur Grisham, Esq.

Mike Hester, Esq.

Bill Shick, Esq.

Eric Sitler, Esq.